Babes vs. Aliens: The Most Perverted Alien and Ghost Toons

The Man Who Fell to Earth, Species, Under the Skin… there are just so many movies about banging or, more appropriately, Loving the Alien. We figured that you guys would all appreciate a list featuring the hottest cartoon babes that cannot live without that extraterrestrial cock. Midway through making this list, though, we came to a conclusion that interspecies sex is underrepresented in popular culture and cartoon porn in particular, so we decided to expand this list with ghosts, guardian spirits, scary monsters (and super creeps).

Here are the sexiest interspecies sex pictures and alien-loving babes, in no particular order:

Dr. John Zoidberg from Futurama

Let’s start off with someone who’s immensely popular just to ease you into it. Turanga Leela, being an alien (sort of, it’s complicated) herself, sure loves that extraterrestrial dick, even if she has to resort to sex with huge losers such as Zoidberg. What’s notable about this picture is that Leela is not even naked because she doesn’t have to be. Leela is hot no matter what – lingerie or no lingerie, she’s a total babe.

Busty Beauty Leela Fucks Zoidberg
Busty Beauty Leela Fucks Zoidberg

Eduardo Valarosa from Foster’s Home

Here’s another addition to our list of monster-loving babes. Frances or Frankie Foster, one of the key characters from the animated TV show called “Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends”. In our humble opinion, this bubbly redhead is severely underrated. She bangs Eduardo, a guardian angel with a thick accent. His dick is even thicker, though, as we come to realize after seeing the picture right here.

Frankie Foster Loves Eduardo's Cock
Frankie Foster Loves Eduardo’s Cock

Gallaxhar from Monsters vs. Aliens

Susan Murphy from Monsters vs. Aliens (aka Ginormica) is one of the hottest fictional babes out there. She’s a huge favorite among people with giantess fetish cuz she’s approximately 49 feet tall. Anyway, we feel like her secret affair with Gallaxhar is worth your attention. Seeing that purple alien cock penetrate her ginormous pussy is certainly arousing. What more could you possibly ask for, honestly?

Susan Murphy Takes Gallaxhar's Purple Dick
Susan Murphy Takes Gallaxhar’s Purple Dick

Genie from Aladdin

Yeah, as long as she’s rubbing it the right way, her every wish will come true. So, all the latest Will Smith Genie controversy aside, you know that this blue fella is one of the most well-liked fictional characters. That makes Jasmine popular as well, by proxy. She’s oftentimes depicted banging Genie and ignoring Aladdin, which makes her perfect for our top ten list. Do you agree with this choice?

Jasmine Rubbing Genie's Blue Cock
Jasmine Rubbing Genie’s Blue Cock

Kang and Kodos from the Simpsons

Marge’s alien pairings are not that popular, but we feel like this MILF is going to dominate any list that has the word “hottest” in it, so we’ve decided to include her. Why? Well, there’s this piece of fine cartoon porn art – Marge getting “fingered” by either Kang or Kodos. Can you really tell those two apart? They all look the same. Anyway, instead of sounding racist towards green-skinned extraterrestrials, let’s move on with our list.

Marge Simpson Fingered By an Alien
Marge Simpson Fingered By an Alien

Kif Kroker from Futurama

Kif Kroker and Amy Wong, one of the most popular Futurama porn pairings out there. Obviously, Amy is remarkably hot, and she totally deserves her place on this list. She’s canonically attracted to an alien, even though that alien happens to be Kif. This picture shows a stockings-clad Amy (notice those fuck-me high heels too!) getting her bushy pussy fingered by an overexcited Kif. What a beautiful alien-fucking slut she is!

Amy Wong's Pussy Finger-Blasted by Kif Kroker
Amy Wong’s Pussy Finger-Blasted by Kif Kroker

Neytiri and Eytukan from Avatar

Similarly to Leela, Neytiri is an alien herself, but we still want to feature her on this list. Eytukan is her father, but this type of daddy/daughter is REALLY common on Pandora, so who are we to judge her sexual habits? Do you REALLY want her to fuck that bland Sam Worthington character instead? We don’t think so. This tall and leggy blue bombshell deserves her spot on our list of the freakiest hotties!

Neytiri Fucks Her Daddy on Pandora
Neytiri Fucks Eytukan on Pandora

Slimer from the Real Ghostbusters

Slimer is not an alien, he’s a ghost. Still, we don’t see any issue with including women that bang not only aliens, but also ghosts and other weird creatures. Janine Melnitz is a redheaded hottie, she’s the real MVP of that animated TV show, The Real Ghostbusters. Seeing her get banged by Slimer can either ruin your childhood or maybe enrich your latest masturbation session, it’s a toss-up, really.

Janine Melnitz Seduced by Slimer
Janine Melnitz Seduced by Slimer

Stitch from Lilo and Stitch

Nani Pelekai is, of course, Lilo’s older and 100% legal sister. It’d be foolish to presume that she did not bang Stitch at some point in her life, so we’re adding this picture to help you visualize it better. Once again, we have to point out that Stitch is not alien, he’s a genetic experiment or something along those lines. Watch him bang that tight, barely legal Hawaiian pussy, though. He’s more human that we give him credit for!

Nani Pelekai Fucks Stitch
Nani Pelekai Fucks Stitch

Yoda from Star Wars

The last but not the least – Padme Amidala from Star Wars. She’s one of the hottest babes on this list because she was played by Natalie fucking Portman. Even though she’s an alien herself (a Naboo native), she’s more humanoid-looking than, say, her partner, Yoda. Watching this little green guy fuck her pussy as she looks at him all terrified is hot. Also… why IS she terrified? Is his Jedi mind trick wearing off or something?

Padme Amidala Pounded by Yoda's Cock
Padme Amidala Pounded by Yoda’s Cock

That’s it, folks! Hopefully you enjoyed this list, even though it wasn’t exactly what we intended originally. On the other hand, it’s easy to say that it benefited from the addition of such hotties as Nani, Janine, etc. Thank God we didn’t focus on strictly human/alien pairings. Alright, be sure to stay put for more top ten lists with hot pictures and even hotter implications. We got plenty more coming up!