Hot Cartoon Girls that Made You Horny throughout 2019

2019. What a year that was! We saw brand-new and returning animated tv series and cartoon movies. Many hot toon babes managed to reenter our XXX dreams and many stole our hearts right from the moment we laid our eyes on them.

I’m a simple man with very simple tastes. As far as I’m concerned, a perfect girl should have:

  • Big NATURAL breasts (the saggier – the better);
  • Slim SEXY waist;
  • HUGE booty;
  • CUTE face;
  • … and SEDUCTIVE look in her eyes.

So, without any further ado – the hottest female cartoon characters of 2019 and the hottest porn pics featuring them.

Yi from Abominable

Sexy Yi cannot get enough of dim-sum and yetis from Mount Everest. The picture that you see here shows what happened 10 years after the movie. Now a fully-grown woman with killer curves, this Chinese chick enjoys sideways fucking with a rather hung stud. Her big natural boobs seem to bounce rhythmically with every deep thrust.

Abominable Yi porn


Horny Maleficent is the Mistress of Evil. Who would ever say “no” to a mistress like that? The grey-skinned fantasy MILF has large breasts, chiseled cheekbones, wet pussy (she has horns which means she’s ALWAYS horny), and slender legs. You can easily imagine a confident, mean-spirited hottie like her taking FULL control of your big cock.

Maleficent naked

Princess Jasmine

Princess Jasmine is one of the hottest fictional characters of all time. The dark-haired seductress has a body to die for – her boobs are huge, her waist is tiny, her olive-colored skin compliments her jet-black hair. By the by, she has one of the hottest asses you have ever seen – it’s both big and firm.

Princess Jasmine Aladdin sex

Star Butterfly

Hot Star Butterfly from Star vs. the Forces of Evil, reimagined as an 18-year-old. The blond-haired bombshell possesses inherent innocence that clashes with her nasty desires. Star’s pussy is always clean-shaved and her breasts are large (she has pointy nipples too!). As far as barely legal blondes go, she’s the ultimate one.

Star Butterfly naked cartoon

Stella from Angry Birds

You think a bird can’t be sexy? Think again! Take a look at this picture here and see just how smoldering a bird can be. Sure, Stella is way more humanoid than she was in the Angry Birds cartoon movie, but you should just chalk it up to artistic license. The pink bird arches her tight ass while slobbering the entire length of Red’s cock. It’s not a beak, those are luscious lips waiting to be fucked.

AngryBirds Stella Red cartoon porn

Jessica from Ricky and Morty

Luscious Jessica is no longer a coed, she’s now a fully legal hottie that’s every bit as twisted as she was before. This redheaded bombshell has big green eyes, beautiful mid-length hair, large breasts, and legs that go on for days. Her “good girl” outfit only seems to add to the hotness of it all.

Jessica Rick And Morty porn comics

Jessie from Toy Story

Naughty Jessie is not a brand-new character, but 2019 was the year I finally “got” her. The redheaded country girl possesses a certain type of sex appeal that’s impossible to replicate. Her large breasts are beautiful, her puffy pussy is captivating, and her slim waist is absolutely divine.

Toy Story Sheriff Woody Jessie

Morticia Addams

For all of its faults, the 2019 Addams Family reminded us that Morticia Addams is one of the hottest fictional MILFs of ALL time. You don’t have to dream hard to imagine her enjoying a femdom-style sex cartoon with her hubby Gomez. They probably have a weird sex dungeon in their spooky mansion, right?

Morticia Addams nude

Astrid Hofferson

Juicy Astrid from How to Train Your Dragon, she’s a very sexy Viking hottie. Blessed with enviable curves, this blond-haired bombshell is every man’s wet dream. Her face is extremely pretty, her legs are muscular but in the sexiest way imaginable, she also has pubic hair, which makes her even more desirable.

Astrid Hofferson and Hiccup Haddock

Anna or Elsa?

It’s impossible to pick just one hottie from Frozen. Both Anna and Elsa are impossibly hot. Seriously, who do you like more – the redhead or the blonde? I think Elsa is a tad sexier, but not by a large margin. Do you agree? Also, in my opinion, their original design wasn’t “curvy” enough – those two would look way hotter with bigger asses and tits!

Frozen Anna Elsa naked

Truth be told, it’s impossible to COVER all the sexiest female cartoon characters in one article. This is only my humble opinion, take it for you what will. We’re waiting for even more exciting animated movies to hit the theaters in 2020. I think we’re going to see more and more new characters that are going to give these babes a run for their money. Someone has to dethrone Elsa and Princess Jasmine eventually, right?

P.S. I would like to personally thank the for giving me the opportunity to use their pictures so that they can be shared with you, accompanying the article.