Top 10 Sexiest Cartoon Villains Of All Time

When we think of cartoon villains, we think of nasty creatures or really bad persons, willing hurt other people with their evil minds and actions. Well, that’s not entirely true, some villains are very sexy and sure look hot. Here’s out list of top 10 sexiest cartoon villains…

10. Shego from Kim Possible

Sexy Shego makes love

Although she may be grumpy all the time and thinking how to destroy the world, but Shego is one sexy ass bitch, with nice ass and what seems to be a really nice pair of breasts. Even though her costume doesn’t reveal any nudity, one can only think what gorgeous forms are hiding unde that black and green outfit. Maybe in her real life, when she’s not busy destroying everyone’s lifes, Shego is a normal woman with normal needs, like having sex or having someone to help her take down that tight costume. One thing is for sure, there’s something really sexual at this villain, something which makes you want to keep on watching her cartoons, maybe one day you’ll se a nip slip.

9. Penelope Spectra from Danny Phantom

 Penelope Spectra cumshot

Penelope Spectra from Danny Phantom looks like the averag teacher, that nasty bitch who always keeps students 5 minutes extra, just to tease them and make them feel angry. She’s one sexy villain though, a milf type villain with really sexy legs and a curvy bum. Although she’s always thinking on how to create even more damage, we wonder how her provate life looks like. Such a sexy ass villain sure has somebody to keep her warm at night, ar to fight her..who knows. One thing is for sure, we would love to see that flaming dress being taken down, just to convince outselves that Penelope Spectra is a really hot woman.

8. Sedusa from The Powerpuff Girls

Sedusa handjob

Nobody is safe when Sedusa goes out on the streets. Luckly the PowerPuff Girls are always on duty and they always manage to solve things between them and Sedusa, otherwise, the world ould be doomed by this curvy ass bitch. Even though she’s mean and kean, it’s hard to not notice how good she looks and what a great ass she ass. A big booty like ebonys have, but strapped in a latex costume all the time. If she would stop from trying to destroy the world, Sedusa would truly be a fine woman, a sexy one with what it takes to make men happy. Just look at that ass!

7. Marceline Abadeer from Adventure Time

Marceline Abadeer nude

This cute vampire makes you think at those shy looking Asian teens in those great JAV movies. She’s a nasty villain but looks quite charming and innocent. Maybe that’s her startegy, to make people think she’s nothing but a cute little teen girl when in fact, she’s a nasty villain trying to take over everybody’s lifes. The vampire queen would sure look nice if she would change that outfit into something more, let’s say,  transparent, just a little so that everybody to see her perfectly shaped lines.

6. Princess Azula from Avatar: The Last Airbender

Princess Azula double penetration

The crown princess of the Fire Nation sure looks hot in those sexy kimono outfits. Even though she doesn’t lets anything to be seen, we can only imagine what great breasts and curvy ass she as. Based on her beauty but also on her evil intelligence, we can only imagine that she’s one hell of a chick in bed. All naughty and dominant, always trying to pleasure herself by leading the scene and making her lovers to feel humble. Maybe we will see her in other otufits so that we can convince outselves that Princess Azula really is a hottie.

5. Molotov Cocktease from The Venture Bros.

Molotov Cocktease strap on

Even though Molotov Cocltease is a rather mature cartoon villain, it’s hard not to notice her really big and generous tits as well as her sexy lines. Tall and always wearing her overly open cleavage, Molotov Cocktease sure deserves your attention. She’s mean and kean but looks damn sexy, so hot that you can easily fall and get an erection. Just look at her breasts, barely managing to stay inside the costume as she fights and tries to deveat everybody. Maybe one day the producers with let a nip slip to delight us all.

4. Evil-Lyn from Heman

Evil-Lyn have sex

We all know what a mean and kean woman Evil-Lyn from Heman, that strong woman with insane spells, is. But no matter how much the lovers of Heman series would hate her, it’s hard for them not to notice what a great woman she is, how good she looks and how sexy she can be in battles. She’s like a goddess of sex, dressed in that hot outfit, with her pretty generous breasts, on the edge of exploding.  Not to mention her long legs, fully exposed by the costume and that ass, oh what an ass, big and curvy, perfect for any man’s hidden desires.

3. Mirage from the Incredibles

Mirage domination

Mirage looks like a truly passionate woman, so blonde and so sensual, with long legs and that booty…If it weren’t for her evil thoughts and for her mean actions, she would have been a hell of a woman. She’s attracted to power and way too seductive not to fall for her games. In real life, Mirage would have surely been the hottest woman on the planet, so slim and so sexy, always posing hot and teasing everybody with her sexy dress. One of her other infamous outfits is a long black dress, which she wore when she had dinner with Mr. Incredible.

2. Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty

Maleficent close up pussy

This evil fairy is hot as hell, no doubt about that. Mature and with really nice forms, a goddess for those in love with watching milfs. Although she’s always trying to harm the Sleeping Beauty and always tricks her in doing misleading things, it’s hard not to notice how hot she is. Those horns on her head are making her look even more sexy than she is, and the fact that all her outfits are dark, mainly consisting in black dresses, make her even more sexier. Angelina Jolie plays a major part in Maleficient’s success among villains and everybody thinks of Angelina when seeing this mature villain talking so hot and so sensual.

1. Harley Quinn from Batman

Harley Quinn blowjob

Harley Quinn is the hottest cartoon villain of all times, no doubt about it. Even though she’s one mean girl, always thinking at nasty things and how to destroy the earth and conquer it, her good looks and her sensual way of talking are always making the good guys to fall for her tricks. With pig tails like a schoolgirl and those fine long legs always exposed, thanks to her sexy outfits, it’s hard not to find Harley Quinn the hottest villan.  She’s so hot that most of the Batman series fans began admiring her and following her actions, just to watch  that curvy teen ass bouncing every time she’s fighting the good guys.