10 More Cartoon Princesses that You’d Love to Have Sex With

In one of our previous blog posts, we discussed some of the sexiest animated princess characters from various cartoons. Our top ten list featured many world-wide famous and most desired princesses, including Jasmine from Aladdin, Tiana from The Princess and the Frog, and Aurora from Sleeping Beauty. However, our top 10 list didn’t even scratch the surface of everything that the wonderful world of hot cartoon princesses has to offer. There are so many other irresistible royal ladies and damsels in distress out there who have been driving men and boys all around the world crazy ever since they were first invented and drawn.

So we have decided to create a part two of our top list. If you couldn’t find your favorite animated princess on our first list, there’s a good chance she is on this one. This time around, we bring you ten more irresistibly sexy cartoon princesses from a number of different animated movies. Enjoy our selection, and make sure you check part one of this top list if you haven’t already!

10. Pocahontas

Pocahontas sexy boobs

We have to admit, we feel bad for not including this Powhatan beauty in our first list. Not only is she the first American Disney princess, but she is also one of the hottest ones. This eighteen-year-old black-haired princess has the perfect hourglass figure and a dress that leaves just enough to imagination. It doesn’t hurt that she’s also a pretty badass warrior, and not a hopeless romantic such as, for example, Ariel from The Little Mermaid or Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

9. Belle

Belle upskirt shot

Speaking of Belle, she comes at number nine on our list. This dreamy French girl has been winning the sympathy of many boys and men all around the globe. What makes Belle so irresistible is the fact that she doesn’t fall for big, strong men, such as Gaston – she likes books, and she likes men who like books, so it comes as no surprise that nerds from all around the world have been falling for her. If you ask us, we’d read a whole library just to get in her panties.

8. Princess Kida

Princess Kida has sex

Princess Kida definitely stands out from other Disney princesses, or animated princesses in general, both in the way she looks and the way she acts. She is not your typical damsel in distress – she is a warrior woman. This 8,000-year-old princess still looks like she’s in her twenties, with her full lips, big eyes, shiny brown skin, and slender figure. And, of course, her princess outfit that hides only the best parts of her body makes it pretty easy to imagine what she would look like naked.

7. Leia Organa

Leia Organa has sex

It is no secret that Princess Leia from the Star Wars franchise has been the object of fantasies of men all around the world ever since Star Wars were invented. She is cute, smart, and pretty damn badass – she’s the whole package. We all remember her iconic small bikini she was forced to wear by Jabba, and we can’t blame him. Have you seen her sexy warrior princess body? If it was up to us, she would never wear anything but that little bikini. Or, well, anything at all.

6. Princess Clara

Princess Clara wierd pussy

This twenty-year-old pampered brunette wakes up the freaky side of us. In case you’re not familiar with the show, one of the important things about Princess Clara is that her pussy is, well, cursed. In short, Clara’s step-mother turned Clara’s vagina into a monster with tentacles named Octopussoir. As freaky as this is, we’re sure all the hentai lovers out there were pretty thrilled about this plot twist. And we’d be lying if we said that it made Clara any less attractive.

5. Princess Bubblegum

Princess Bubblegum handjob

Okay, we know that this is an unexpected one. Mostly because Princess Bonnibel Bubblegum doesn’t really resemble a human being as much as all the other princesses do. Which is probably because she isn’t human – she is a human-shaped pile of bubble gum. She is around 800 years old, but she still looks and acts as if she were in her teens, which makes her pretty adorable. And her quirky personality with just the right amount of crazy is a nice addition too, if you ask us.

4. She-Ra

She-ra blowjob

We’re sure this one doesn’t surprise anyone. Princess She-Ra is simply hot by pretty much anyone’s standards. Her short white dress that reveals her thick thighs have been driving men crazy since the 80s, when she was created. But it’s not all about looks with her. The fact that she could probably crush a skull with those sexy thighs just does something to us. Her insane strength and agility make it pretty much impossible not to fantasize about what she would be like in bed.

3. Giselle

Giselle spreads her legs

Alright, we know that Enchanted is not a completely animated movie, and that for the most part, Giselle is played by an actress, rather than animated, but can you really blame us for including her on our list? She has an idealistic idea of the world and is absolutely inapt for modern-day life, but that only gives her a special sort of charm, if you ask us. And, well, let’s not forget that she is portrayed by Amy Addams, who is pretty much one of the hottest women alive.

2. Snow White

Snow White 21 years old

Snow White is your typical damsel in distress. She has ebony black hair, rose red lips, and snow white skin. She is, according to a magical mirror, the most beautiful women of all, so it comes as no surprise that she ranks so high on our list. After she falls into a coma from a poisoned apple, she needs a hero, a white knight, to wake her up and save her. She might be the first Disney princess ever invented, but her beauty has definitely stood the test of time.

1. Princess Anna

Princess Anna has sex

The first part of our top list featured Princess Elsa, the ice queen from Frozen. This time, we bring you her younger sister, Anna. Unlike most proper princesses, Anna is not too elegant, she’s a little tomboyish, chaotic, and clumsy, but she’s still pretty adorable. She is all about true love, and she is blissfully unaware of just how hot she actually is. Her huge eyes and ginger hair make her pretty much the picture-perfect object of fantasies for many of us.

If you haven’t checked out the first part of our top list of the hottest animated princesses yet, make sure you do so!