Top 10 Brown-Haired Toon Hotties That Make You Cum

We all have our favorite female character in cartoons or in popular games. That’s a fact and you have to admit it! When it comes to brown-haired, though, things change a little bit because brown-hair beauties, in general, are steaming hot. Either we are talking of a bad girl or a villain, a simple country chick or some bad ass mom, the brown-haired in cartoons are always attractive and sexy. This is the main reason we have prepared this list with desirable brown-hair babes in cartoons and games. A list that contains the most popular brown-haired girls we used to watch when we love cartoons.

10. Ugga Crood

ugga crood has sex

Even though Ugga from the Croods, we can’t but remember her crazy episodes where she was acting all crazy and energized. She is now a very sexy girl with a perfect body and the right skills to make it through the stone age. Some popular games present her as a super steamy brown-haired milf with flaming forms while other cartoon series, especially hentai episodes, present her a bit kinkier and naughtier. Set to do some really naughty things with the cave men.

9. Mrs. Turner

Mrs. Turner from Fairly OddParents

Mrs. Turner from the Fairly Odd Parents, a typical brown-haired mom to drive all of her son’s friends crazy. Not only because she looks marvelous but also because she’s quite steamy with her talking and everything. The fans of this cartoon series know better what is like to see Mrs. Turner posing hot and exposing her completely natural body. The body of a sexy mature woman with what it takes to keep any man intrigued with what’s under those sexy dresses she likes to wear.

8. Chung-Li

chun-li street fighter porno

Even though some cartoons present Chung Li as a flaming brown hair fighter we still love her the way she looks in the games. The popular game Street Fighter is well known for its brutality and fights but some also appreciate this game for the sexiness which this curvy ass doll was represented. Busty and with a very nice bum, always on the look out for bad guys and set to destroy them. Highly experienced in the martial arts, she’s also a very naughty girl in love with teasing with that fine bum she has.

7. Megara

Megara exposed

Seeing Megara from Hercules and admiring those fine forms she has, it’s impossible for us not to ask the question: Who could have resisted this sexy woman, back in the days when Hercules was a popular cartoon series on TV? Just seeing her slim waist and those fine legs, not to mention her cup C breasts, you can tell this brown-haired chick is a bombshell from the future. Ahead of time and more than appealing in all of the episodes she appeared. Hercules must have been a very lucky dude.

6. Velma Dinkley

Velma Dinkley fucked by Scooby Doo

When not busy solving misteries and helping Scobby Doo to get out of trouble, Velma Dinkley is one nerdy ass girl with very sexy forms. Even though we never say her undressed or even in a pair of bikini, there are speculations that Velma is quite a bombshell. A nerdy one, that’s true but still, a bombshell. You’ll have to take a closer look to see that she has pretty big breasts covered by those orange pullovers she likes to wear and also, a pretty round and sexy ass under that nerdy skirt she always wears. Keep up the good work girl and keep us safe from ghosts.

5. Peggy Hill

Peggy Hill naked cartoon babe

One very attractive mature mom who’s always doing her best to provide the best example for her family. Although she’s past her 40s and well involved in the family life, Peggy Hill still has a lot to offer and to show. We consider this mature babe a real hottie and just by looking at her, even though her clothes are always there to covers the goodies, you can tell she has some pretty impressive forms. One thing is for sure, she is a busty one and seeing those bouncy breasts in each of the episodes was something that surely made our day when we were teenagers.

4. Roxanne Ritchie

Roxanne Ritchie has sex with Megamind

Roxanne Ritchie is a smoking blue eyed news presenter from MegaMind, a popular cartoon series which we used to watch when we were teenagers. This gorgeous looking woman is truly a bombshell which made a lot of us to feel a crush for her. She’s busty with a thick booty and nice legs, not too tall not too short, just the perfect size for any man’s dreams. Short haired and with big round eyes which are crystal blue, Roxanne is definitely the cartoon news presenter any guy would love to meet.

3. Padme Amidala

Padme Amidala Star Wars porn

Now that’s what we’re talking about. A bad ass chick from the future ready to work some magic for us not only by presenting her bad ass side but also by teasing us with her gorgeous forms. Medium sized chick with nice legs, curvy ass and average breasts, Padme Amidala is certainly our childhood’s crush. Her cartoons and even some Star Wars games are still present in the charts, making guys happy with her action but also with her good looks.

2. Meg Griffin

nude Meg Griffin sleeping

Everybody heard about the female character in Family Guy,  Meg Griffin. Who she really is and what she does,  but not everybody knows that under those average nerdy teen clothes lies a bad ass chick with a kinky attitude and a great passion for acting kinky and hot. Yes, that’s right, Lois and Peter’s biggest daughter is  a really kinky one. She loves to party and shake that booty hard. And we are not talking about dancing, if you know what we mean. There are a lot of cartoons and even video games which show her in all her glory.

1. Katara

Katara fucked by Aang

Fully grown up but still a bad ass chick with a great attitude, Katara is now able to offer much more than simple adventures in the Avatar: The Last Airbender comics and cartoons. She’s a fine ass girl now, all grown up and able to provide much more than what her character is supposed to offer. Some say she’s flaming hot and has the body of a goddess. It might be true because this gorgeous blue eyed hottie has a pretty long history among surreal creatures. You should check out this fantastic beauty and watch her in those adult rated episodes that are driving guys crazy these days.