The Blondtastic Cartoon Character Hotlist

When you take a better look, the world of cartoon animation is not so innocent but actually quite full of intrigue. There are so many hot babes even in animated form that are at the core of so many sex fantasies and fetishes. It’s unbelievably pleasurable. But as the saying goes: “Blondes do have more fun”, we’re gonna list our 10 horny cartoon blondes that make you want to cum.

1. Alice (Alice in Wonderland)

Alice is the girl thriving for change, for magic…for excitement.

alice in wonderland glory hole

Our number one blonde cherub is the lovely Alice. So sweet, innocent and so curious. This sexy blonde number is definitely high on the list of sex fantasies, as she likes to explore as much as you would like to explore her and vice versa. She oozes with that intriguing factor x, there’s just something about that blond, innocent and a bit of a lost character that makes you want to cum. Imagining her in her blue, frilly dress falling down a rabbit hole, into a fantasy land makes you fantasize about her even more.  Wouldn’t you just love to offer her a cookie that says “eat me” ?

2. Rapunzel (Tangled)

Even locked up in a dungeon tower, Rapunzel remains hopeful and continues to dream on.

rapunzel porn

Oh Rapunzel, Rapunzel.. Let down your hair and make yourself comfortable because you are one of the hottest cartoon characters out there. What guy doesn’t fall far long, golden blonde hair, big green eyes, rosy cheeks…. and a sexy damsel in distress waiting for prince charming to rescue her? As much as Rapunzel had dreamed of escaping the tower she had been locked in, a wide number of guys fantasize about climbing up that tower and cum just to the thought of locking themselves in a tower with Rapunzel. Untangling those golden locks and making everyone’s fantasy come true.

3. Supergirl (DC)

Who said that only man are fierce. Superman has only one competition. And that i Superwoman.

horny supergirl sex

Ah, Supergirl…Her real name is Kara Zor-El and is definitely one of the sexyest characters out there and one of the oldest sex symbols and she will prevail.  Starting from just the first appearance where we see her in a skin tight bodysuit, frolicking in the air with the fittest body imaginable, blond, wavy hair… and she’s a badass chick! A bombshell, sexy babe with superpowers on a mission to fight evil in the world and make it a better place. Now, that’s for sure a type of girl you’d take home to meet your mother. Before you cum all over her.

4. Honey Lemon (Big Hero 6)

One of the lead characters in Big Hero 6, she is a member of the superhero team.

honey lemon has sex

Honey Lemon, just the name resounds as sensual and satisfying to every man’s mind, you could almost taste her. She’s a pretty girl with honey blonde hair, very thin, tall and has those bright green eyes filled with wonder. And the glasses, the sexy pink classes that just give her that intelligent sexy look. Honey is a very sweet, bubbly girl, full of enthusiasm. She’s the kind of girl that just lights up the room. On the other hand, the hottest thing about her is probably her instant transformation from this innocent, sweet and kind looking girl to a sexy superhero chick in purple leggings, a mini skirt and topped of with platform heels. And the bit that makes every guy cum..drum roll… the glasses come off and it’s time to get down and dirty.

5. Terra (Teen Titans)

The heroin in search of herself and finding ways to protect her family.

Terra teen titans porn

Terra is the classic blue eyed, blond babe, tall, slim. Kind of the girl next door look that has always been appealing to guys. She comes across as a bit elusive and mysterious, never knowing what to expect from her. Which is pretty hot. She can be a bit naive at times, which again depicts a girl that needs a man to just take her away and take care of her. At first she seems as a very quiet, shy girl but there is definitely a storm brewing behind those big, blue eyes. All the more intriguing she is at that.

6. Ethel Anderson (Brickleberry)

The Brickleberry lead chick character.

ethel anderson gangbang

Ethel is a very sexy park ranger. She has somewhat of a Barbie look with her long, blond hair, perky boobs and pink lipstick. Brickleberry is an adult animated series and there’s not much hidden when it comes to Ethel’s personality, as she is very easy going and spontaneous. Her good looks are obvious and she welcomes sex quite openly, which every man dreams about. There’s nothing hotter than a blond babe in a ranger shirt willing to give it up to you. Best not say too much and just start unbuttoning that shirt.

7. Alice Mitchell (Dennis the Menace)

A kind and loving mother, which is her main characteristic role.

alice mitchell strap on

Alice Mitchell is the quintessential MILF, mother I’d like to fuck. Every boy has that one woman he fantasizes about as a young lad, and Alice is definitely that woman. She has a classy look, buttoned up white shirt, all tight around her breasts, a blue skirt and black heels. She is tall and slim with her blonde hair pulled back. Hotness alert! She has that loving, nurturing nature as well.  Imagine coming over to a friends house and being greeted by Mrs Mitchell. She’d make you cum right at the very first doorstep.

8. Bridgette (Total Drama Island)

The surfer blonde hottie that every girl envies and guy wants.

bridgette total drama island sex

Bridgette is a hot surfer girl that loves the outdoors, water and animals. She super laid back, very charming and terribly sexy in her low cut surfer shorts. She is an absolute babe with blond hair, pulled back in a loose ponytail and has piercing green eyes. Along with her  bubbly personality, she’s a bit clumsy at times, too. Which makes her even hotter. One of most men’s fantasies look exactly like Bridgette. Toned, surfer body, strong legs and curvy hips to grab on to. Makes you cum, doesn’t it.

9. Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)

Known also as Briar Rose, she is the main character, she depicts beauty and grace.

aurora sleeping beauty sex

The all time fairy tale of the Sleeping Beauty, awaiting for true love’s kiss to wake her up from an eternal sleep. Again, there is something damn sexy about a damsel in distress, a fragile, sexy woman waiting for you to kiss her, take her, save her. Aurora is a gorgeous woman, a kind, gentle girl and a hopeless romantic.

“She is indeed  most wondrous fair. Gold of sunshine in her hair. Lips that shame the red, red rose.In ageless sleep, she finds repose” said by Maleficent herself.

This hottie lying on a bed with all her beauty and sensuality makes any man cum.

10. Linda Stotch (South Park)

One of South Parks MILFs

linda stotch has sex

Linda Scotch maybe isn’t the most obvious of sex symbols but she is one of 10 blonde babes that make you cum. Linda is quite and tends to keep to herself, cooking, cleaning the house. Her character is submissive and that sparks a fantasy right there. The things that could be done and sex games that could be played with this woman. Her appearance leaves everything to the imagination. She has short blonde hair and wears a long purple skirt, not revealing anything, with a magenta sweater on top. Again, nothing to obvious, nothing to show off and leaving everything to your imagination until the doors are closed and everything revealed.